MANN uP was founded and is owned by Geoff Scott, a sole trader operating under the business name MANN uP. Business Address: Angela Crescent, Richhill. County Armagh. BT61 9JP


All original content on this website (including the MANN uP logo, written, pictorial and graphic content, descriptions of  models for the various personal and collective advancement programmes, shared experiences of others in the MANN of the Month section etc.), are the copyrighted materials of MANN uP and as such should not be used, reproduced or referenced in any part without clear permission and attribution to the copyright owner (MANN uP).

MANN uP welcomes others who choose to link to its website as a means of promoting access to information for others on potential sources of knowledge, insight and wisdom on male-affirmative practice and means to advance psychological wellbeing. In such instances, please get in touch with MANN uP (see the Contact section), to inform us so that we can provide you with a copy of the MANN uP logo to use and consider setting up a reciprocal link to your website.

Please note MANN uP cannot be held responsible for the content on third-party websites where its details might be listed.

others' material

When utilising content where the copyright is attributable to another, MANN uP will always endeavour to only use materials where it has permission to do so, or materials that are free of copyright restrictions (e.g. creative commons content), and will also attribute any third-party content back to the originator or copyright owner.

Should you happen to notice anything on this website that is not properly attributed or if you are a copyright owner who would wish to have some piece of content relating to your copyrighted material removed, please get in touch with MANN uP (see the Contact section).

use of submitted content

MANN uP welcomes submissions of content from others who might want to help promote male-affirmative practice and promotion of positive messages or individual experiences of advancement issues (this could include: images, editorial content or personal account or your experiences).

If you wish to submit content please get in touch with MANN uP to discuss your possible contribution (see the Contact section), prior to full submission. MANN uP reserves the right to refuse or not to utilise submissions and/or to edit as it sees fit.

If you are invited to submit something, MANN uP will agree final content format with you before use and will seek you explicit written consent to use and how you would like the submission presented prior to use.

Normally, once content is submitted MANN uP retains permission to use that content in perpetuity (attributed to the original creator), until such times as the content creator withdraws such permission.

data protection

MANN uP adheres to the principles of the Data Protection 1998 in terms of what data it collects and holds, namely that all data is:

  • Used fairly and lawfully.
  • Used for limited, specifically stated purposes.
  • Used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive.
  • Accurate.
  • Kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary.
  • Handled according to people’s data protection rights.
  • Kept safe and secure.
  • Not transferred outside the European Economic Area without adequate protection.

MANN uP will never disclose or share your information with a third-party without your express permission or use it for reasons other than those specified and agreed.

Please note though that in relation to this, there are certain other responsibilities placed on MANN uP in relation to counselling practice and safeguarding and protection of you and others that may cause a need to breach confidentiality (see the FAQs section for further information on confidentiality).