Introductory Session

Duration: 1 session

Aim: To provide you with an opportunity to get to know more about MANN uP services and talk over areas where you might like to advance in your life.

Content: An informal conversation where you will have the opportunity to voice any issues or concerns relating to your life and wellbeing that you would like to potentially access guidance and support with.

Personal Advancement Programme (Condensed)

Duration: 6 sessions

Aim: To guide and support an individual who has already done some work themselves to identify and define one or two specific areas relating to their wellbeing that they would like to work on to advance (their goal).

Some examples could include: advancing levels of positive thinking about self, advancing ability to manage a troubling or upsetting emotion(such as say excessive anger), advancing insight and wisdom into how to improve your physical health,  advancing your social confidence, advancing your confidence in romantic relationships, advancing your professional confidence, advancing your ability to manage the pressures of work or advancing your ability to move towards having greater levels of personal enjoyment and fun in your life.

Content: The programme will begin with getting a picture of how things are now (the audit) in the area/areas you want to work on and how you would like them to be (your goals). This is followed by identification of the strengths, talents and resources you can call on to take you towards your goals and a plan of action to get you there (including what other resources you might need to call on and potential pitfalls to success to watch out for). You are then given the opportunity to be supported as you put your plan into action and review its effectiveness to refine and further improve your prospects of success.

Personal Advancement Programme (Full)

Duration: 12 sessions

Aim: This programme is designed to give clients who are aware that their life and wellbeing is not quite how they would like it to be, but who are not clear yet on exactly what they should or want to work on to advance the time and space to develop greater levels of self-insight to guide them towards setting goals and devising plans of action to advance towards them. The programme also provides space for the client to other tools to their toolkit to advance their overall sense of mental and emotional strength, stamina and resilience.

Content: The programme will begin with giving the client space to develop self-insight be exploring aspects of their past, present and future self (including significant life landmarks and their impact) and consider how life is now and how they might like it to be. This naturally leads to the identification and prioritisation of some advancement goals, with time given to carefully consider the strength, stamina and resilience the client can call on or build in to advance and barriers (such as internalised narratives, unhelpful ways of thinking or behaving), that could get in their way of their advancement. This contributes to the development of tangible plan of action to follow. Time is also given to developing the client’s insight and wisdom into how attuned they are to their emotional self to put the tool of mastery of emotionally language into their toolkit to help promote future mindfitness.

Life Landmark Mentoring & Coaching Programme

Duration: ongoing

Aim: It might be that you are struggling to come to terms with and gain peace with a past life landmark event or experience or grappling with one that is currently happening in your life or one that is on the horizon. The aim of the Life Landmark Programme is to work at a pace that is right for you to offer you a nurturing environment of support and guidance to help you gain an insight and wisdom relating to that life landmark that will advance your sense of being resolved or able to cope with it.

Some examples could include: gaining insight and wisdom into an as yet unresolved earlier life experience such as neglect, abuse or bullying that is still troubling for you and inhibiting you overall sense of mental and emotional wellbeing. Or it could be getting support to tackle a current or upcoming life landmark that is or will test your levels of mental and emotional strength, stamina and resilience such as embarking on a new phase in your academic or professional career, introducing your gender identity or sexuality to the wider world, adjusting to a major change in your physical health, getting married, divorced or taking on being a parent, or coming to terms with the loss of a relationship or death of a loved one.

Content: The structure of this programme is intentionally non-directive to provide the time and space to tailor the pace and content to what is specifically right for you. Past issues can often be complex and at times painful to revisit as you work to develop insight and wisdom on their impact on you and consider how you want to act going forward as you integrate those experiences into your life narrative going forward. With current or upcoming life landmarks, often the insight and wisdom only unfolds as the event or experience does. You are in complete control of both the pace and overall duration of your Life Landmark Programme.

Mindfit Mentoring & Coaching Programme

Duration: ongoing

Aim: Maybe you have not identified a particular wellbeing advancement goal or life landmark you wish to work on but would still like to invest time, energy and resource on you and developing your overall sense of mental and emotional strength, stamina and resilience, your levels of mindfitness.

For everyone, the ongoing ups and downs of life and pressures and demands it places on us can put a strain on psychological strength, stamina and resilience.

Every day life’s opportunities and challenges presents you with the potential to advance your levels of insight and wisdom to better guide our actions, yet how many of us take the time to stop, reflect and learn from these experiences?

The aim of the Mindfit Mentoring & Coaching Programme is to give you the space, guidance and support in your life to do just that. It is an opportunity for you to prioritise and invest in you. How many of us invest in training to get physically fitter or advance or relational, professional or recreational self, yet neglect the proactively training to invest in mental and emotional health too?

Content: The structure of this programme is intentionally non-directive to allow your midfit training to be customised to relate and respond to what is happening in your life at that time. It might be at sometimes there is a great deal going on in your life and you would benefit from increased levels of guidance and support to capitalise on the potential insight and wisdom to be gained to put you in full control of your actions. Whereas at others, you can engage in a slower pace of training to fit around your other commitments or priorities. You are in complete control of the pace and duration of your MindFit Mentoring and Coaching Programme.

Personal Brand Advancement Programme

Duration: 6 sessions

Aim: In the world of business your brand is defined as the uniquely constructed and authentic identity for your organisation which is communicated out to others in a way that develops your organisation’s personality to form and shape a positive image of how others perceive you.

Successful businesses invest considerable amounts of time, effort and resource in creating and communicating their brand to help ensure how they are perceived is how they want to be perceived gives them advantage over competitors who are also vying for their customers’ attention.

Think of the instantly recognisable red and white packaging of a globally successful cola drink company, or the iconic golden arches of a certain fast-food chain and the messages you are constantly exposed to through their marketing and advertising efforts that have helped to shape both your awareness of them and your opinion on them (their image).

If their brand is inauthentic (i.e. says one thing but does another), others lose trust and confidence in that organisation and their image can become damaged or detrimental to success.

Now think of particular areas of your life where you might want to advance your success levels (physical wellbeing, relational wellbeing, professional or recreational wellbeing), and ask yourself is your own personal brand image helping you to achieve competitive advantage and achieve your goals?

Whether intentional or not, we have all constructed an identify for ourselves in the various aspects of our lives which is seen by others, and that identity in conjunction with how we communicate our out our personality to others is what form they use to form an image of us.

The aim of the Personal Brand Advancement Programme is to empower you to take control of your image and advance it in a manner that will help you achieve success in your chosen area/areas of wellbeing. Whether that be supporting you to climb the career ladder, performing better in the dating world or being seen as the natural leader of your sports team. Why not harness the insight and wisdom on branding the corporate world has developed and use it to your advantage.

Content: The programme begins by defining the aspect of your life where you would like to invest in further developing and better communicating your personal brand and provides space to develop insight and wisdom on what is and is not authentic to you as an individual and identifying the stakeholders to your success that you want to improve your image with. From this an advancement goal can be defined and you are supported to devise and enact a plan of action that will move you towards it.

If you would like any more details on any of the programmes listed above or would like to discuss the possibility of an individually-tailored programme to suit your needs, please get in touch. (see the Contact section on this website for ways to get in contact).