No one individual or group can possess all the knowledge, insight and wisdom needed and available to advance wellbeing in all aspects of life.

Sometimes it is beneficial to call on others who have developed through their studies, work or lived experience knowledge, insight and wisdom on a particular area of wellbeing (mental and emotional health, physical health, relational health, professional health or recreational health), to help on your advancement journey.

MANN uP wishes to develop a network of trusted partners that it and its clients can tap into to enhance knowledge, insight and wisdom in a certain area or access specialist guidance and support when taking action towards a specific wellbeing goal.

This could examples such as:

  • A gym, personal trainer, physiotherapist, mindfulness coach,, addiction specialist, nutritionist or male grooming specialist to help advance levels of physical wellbeing.
  • A parenting or relationship expert to help advance levels of relational wellbeing.
  • An academic tutor, job coach or business mentor to help advance levels of professional wellbeing.
  • A signing coach, community or friendship group, a sports team or hobby specialist to help advance levels of recreational wellbeing.

MANN uP would like to develop and promote a network of trusted partners that it can guide clients towards should they need specialist guidance and support alongside that they are receiving from MANN uP on their advancement journey.

MANN uP will only promote and recommend partners who it knows are attuned to and respectful of male-affirmative practice and who recognise the concept of holistic wellbeing (i.e. success in one aspect of our psychological, physical, relational, professional and personal wellbeing is intrinsically linked to levels of strength, stamina and resilience in others).

If you would be interested in knowing more about how to become one of MANN uP’s trusted partners get in touch (see the Contact section for ways to get in touch).