If we think about strong psychological wellbeing in terms of our ability to stay mentally and emotionally healthy, happy and balanced over time as life sends us challenges and opportunities, what tools do you have in your toolkit to help give you the strength and stamina (the ability to endure over time), and resilience to thrive?

The Oxford Dictionaries define resilience as: “The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”

If we draw a parallel with your physical wellbeing, life throws challenges and opportunities at us that can test our physical fitness levels. To be ready to take on those tests and recover from them, we invest time and effort in building our levels of physical strength and stamina to take things on and also our capacity for physical resilience (or our ability bounce back quickly after our levels of strength and stamina have been tested to their limits or have been pushed beyond them).

And how do you get physically fit? By developing insight and wisdom and then taking action. You gain insight into your own physical fitness/health levels by getting to know and listening to your body and being attuned to its limits. Alongside that, you develop wisdom (often with the help of others such as nutritionists or fitness coaches), about what to eat, how and when to exercise, which forms of activity are right and effective for you and the value of resting periods. You then take action by training or competing, managing your diet and lifestyle and setting and pursuing goals to build your levels of physical strength, stamina and resilience.

These are the tools you have in your toolkit to call on and use to unlock your potential for physical wellbeing.

So have you invested in yourself in a similar way to put the tools in your toolkit that will ensure you are mindfit throughout your life (i.e. that will give you strength, stamina and resilience in your mental and emotional wellbeing)?

By putting in the time and effort to gain insight about your mental and emotional fitness and developing wisdom about ways in which it can enhance it and then taking action to build your psychological strength and stamina levels, you will feel more empowered to take advantage of the opportunities life throws your way.

You will also develop a strong sense of resilience that will help to protect you and enable you to bounce back quickly when mental and emotional challenges that test the limits of your psychological endurance levels come your way.

To be mindfit is to have developed the insight to be attuned to your own mental and emotional strength, stamina and resilience levels to be able to recognise changes in it, challenges to it and your limits. To be investing time and effort to develop your wisdom on the tools you can add into your psychological toolkit that can further enhance your levels of mental and emotional  strength, stamina and resilience and to be continually taking action to improve on your level of psychological fitness.