about mann up

MANN uP has a mission to devise and deliver innovative, effective, impactful and holistic products,  services and resources that are designed to empower others with the insight, wisdom, guidance and support they need to take action to unlock their true potential and define their own narrative in all aspects of their wellbeing.

MANN uP’s intent is to:

  • Educate males on what can influence, inhibit and enhance their psychological wellbeing.
  • Motivate males to take proactive steps to invest in improving their psychological wellbeing.
  • Support and signpost males to ways and means to deal with challenges to their psychological wellbeing, and by doing so, helping them to unlock their full potential.
  • Campaign to raise awareness of male wellbeing issues, challenge narratives of masculinity that may inhibit psychological wellbeing, and promote positive male role models who self-define their own narrative of masculinity.

Historically when somebody was told to 'man up' it was often interpreted as the individual being told to act in a stoic manner, devoid of emotion.

The name MANN uP has been intentionally chosen so that a traditionally inhibiting phrase can be reclaimed and reframed into an empowering call to action for males to decide for themselves what it means for them to 'man up', and how they are going to go about it.

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