Taking part in a programme will call on you to apply your own time, effort and resources as an active collaborator in your own process.

consider the timing 

The first thing to consider when thinking about signing up to a personal or joint programme is the timing.

Think about how can schedule your time to create a space to prioritise investing in you or your relationship. Whether you are thinking about one of the fixed-term duration or open ended programmes, ideally it is good to plan for a regularised pattern of attendance (day/time and or spacing between sessions), to keep the momentum of advancement going.

consider ways to give yourself a boost

Also consider the mental and emotional effort you will expend in the process (such as thinking about your past, present future or exploring emotions or experiences that might be troubling.

Is there anything or anyone else that could act as a compliment to your personal or joint advancement programme to help boost those energy and resource levels, to help you get fighting fit both before and during the process.

That could be anything from having a chat with your GP, family or friends to see if they can support you in any way, through to planning regular treats for yourself throughout the process such as say a relaxing massage, or post-session coffee.

consider doing an audit

To help you to decide which programme will be right for you, and also which goals for advancement you might like to set, consider taking time to audit how your life and/or relationship is currently going.

Thinking about areas where you are doing well and those you would like to improve on can start to shape your plan of action for personal and/or joint advancement.

consider mapping your landmarks

To also help identify areas that you might like to work on during your advancement journey, consider taking a bit of time to reflect on what past, present or future life landmark events and/or experiences are or could impact on your personal or relationship wellbeing.

consider what has been and is influencing your narrative

Everyone’s narrative (perspective on self and how they should go through life), will have been to a greater or less extent been influenced by the messaging they internalise.

Consider as part of your preparation  any messaging you may have internalised from earlier life that maybe unconsciously shape how you behave and believe in yourself and/or how you view relationships.

consider what you might like to set as your goal(s)

There may be numerous areas you would like to advance or several landmarks that are still troubling you or you are currently facing that you would like to work on.

Remember you only have so much time, effort and resources to go around and if you take on too many things all at once that might stretch your mental and emotional strength, stamina and resilience to its limits and beyond.

Consider not only which areas you would like to work on but also what are your priorities. It could be that if you have several things you would like to work on but some are more pressing than others in your life, or for your relationship.

Also consider what level of advancement you would like to make and what is achievable with the time, effort and resources you have available to you.

This will help to start shape the goals and targets for your personal or joint programme.

Remember you do not have to take on everything  all in one go. You can always reengage in subsequent advancement programmes to take on different challenges or move yourself even further down the path to fulfillment.

consider which programme(s) could work for you

MANN Up’s programmes have been designed to give flexibility based on what areas clients would like to work on, and what resources (time, effort and resource), they have available to expend (see the Personal Programmes and Joint Programmes sections for details of the current options).

Take a bit of time to consider what might work for you in terms of the type of programme available and the type of advancement you might like to make.

consider how you would like to work with MANN uP

MANN Up’s  programmes can be delivered in a face-to-face format (i.e. the counsellor and client meet in a private place and work together in person) or in an online format (via a video conferencing system called Zoom.

Each of these methods of programme delivery have their advantages and challenges, think of which best suits you and your situation and feel free to discuss the relative merits of both before embarking on a programme.

Download the MANN uP Online vs Face-to-Face Counselling Leaflet (Dec 21)

consider giving it a go

Not sure as yet what you might like to work on or which  programme could be right for you.

That is no problem at all, why not consider coming along to a no-obligation Introductory Session.

You will not know until you try if MANN uP services are for you, so why not take us for a 'test drive'.