others who can be of help

MANN uP warmly welcomes others joining with us as male-affirmative messaging partners that can help guide and support other males to advance their wellbeing and live their lives to their full potential.

There are many other community/voluntary organisations out there that have specialist knowledge and skills in areas such as mental health and addictions, who can also support you to unlock your potential to be the man you can be.

It might be that you as an individual through your own journey to care for and advance your psychological, physical, relational, vocational or recreational wellbeing, have accumulated knowledge on looking after one or more of these areas that could be of interest and use to other males striving to advance their wellbeing.

If so, do you fancy becoming the next MANN of the Month? 


MANN uP services take a holistic approach to male wellbeing. Prioritising investment in mental and emotional ‘fitness’, whilst encouraging and supporting programme clients and participants to make positive advances in all parts of their lives.

MANN uP wishes to develop a network of trusted partners that it can recommend to its clients and participants to tap into to access specialist guidance and support when taking action towards a specific wellbeing goal. This includes the likes of:

  • Hypnotherapists.
  • Mindfulness practitioners.
  • Gyms and personal trainers.
  • Physiotherapists.
  • Couples therapists.
  • Job coaches and business mentors.
  • Sports teams, friendship groups, and voluntary groups.


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