Welcome to MANN uP

MANN uP based in Northern Ireland, is a male-affirmative counselling and mentoring and life coaching practice, OPEN TO ALL (males and females) established to deliver:

- Personal advancement programmes.
- Collective advancement programmes.

MANN uP Services

MANN uP online and face-to-face services are designed to support you to improve the state of your psychological wellbeing (your levels of mental and emotional health).

MANN uP collaborates with you to evaluate your current levels of psychological wellbeing, and undercover ways and means to improve it.

Think of MANN uP as your personal trainer for your mental and emotional ‘fitness’.

This is usually done through gaining an understanding of what may be impacting on you, and preventing you from living your life as you would wish to.

MANN uP wants to help empower you to be the man you can be. 

By supporting you to develop insight and wisdom on what is impacting on your psychological wellbeing, MANN uP services can help give you the 'tools' to overcome obstacles, and tap into your innate strengths and abilities. A solid foundation on which to advance towards unlocking your full potential.

mann of the month

Throughout your life journey, have you accumulated insight, wisdom, experience or knowledge on ways to look after and enhance your psychological, physical, relational, vocational or recreational wellbeing that has helped you unlock your potential to live your best possible life, and be the best possible version of you?

MANN uP would warmly welcome the opportunity to share some of your narrative with other males as a means to inspire and empower them to take steps to be the man they can be.

MANN of the Month - Kenny

Kenny shares how helping others is good for his mental health too.