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There are times in everyone’s life when you can feel or begin to recognise that you may not be living your life to your own personal potential.

It might be that:

  • A trauma or adverse experience in your past is still unresolved, and it is taking up a lot of your mental and emotional capacity to carry around that 'unfinished business'.
  • You feel like your life is out of balance, and is not functioning as you would like it to in the ‘now’.
  • You are unsure about how to move forward into your future in a manner that will see you live your life to your full potential.
  • You are navigating a major life landmark (such as the start or end of a relationship, taking a new career path, workplace bullying, coming to terms with a bereavement or facing a health issue) putting pressure on you.
  • You are dealing with issues connected to your sex life, sexuality or sexual functioning.
  • You lack belief in your own unique brilliance and value as a person, leading to poor self-esteem and low levels of self-confidence.
  • You are grappling with managing intense emotions such as stress, anger, depression or anxiety.
  • You are struggling with unhelpful behaviour patterns in your life such as substance misuse, social avoidance or excessive pornography use.

If one or more of the above is impacting on your psychological (mental and emotional) wellbeing, naturally this can limit your ability to donate your time and energies to unlocking your own personal potential in order to give yourself the best possible life and be the man you can be.

There can also be times in every couple's relationship when you can feel or begin to recognise that your relationship may not be living up to your joint potential.

It might be that:

  • Some previous trauma in the relationship is as yet unresolved or unhealed.
  • Your relationship is out of balance, and not functioning as you would like it to.
  • As a couple your communication, understanding and joint commitment is not all it could be.
  • You are both unsure about the future of your relationship and where to go next.
  • You are navigating a major relationship landmark (such as getting married or having a child).
  • You are dealing with a current relationship challenge such as addiction, infidelity or money worries.
  • Areas of your relationship functionality such as communications, shared experiencing and physical intimacy are not as you would like them to be.

If one or more of the above is impacting on your relationship, naturally this can limit one or both partner's ability to enjoy your relationship, and thrive together and be the couple you can be.

How can MANN uP Services Help?

MANN uP's services are designed to be flexible and tailored to emphasise or focus on areas or your personal or relationship wellbeing that you wish to explore and address.

All programmes will encourage you to tap into and unlock the potential of your innate strengths, talents, and abilities in a holistic way, to help you achieve your chosen life or relationship goals.

If you decide to work with MANN uP what can you expect from the experience?

You can expect (and are entitled to), confidentiality, discretion, total respect, and an atmosphere of acceptance, non-judgement and positive regard.

It will be your journey, you decide the pace, focus and scope, and MANN uP will work with you in whichever manner is right for you.


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