your wellbeing

Hopefully you are continually striving to live your life feeling and being as positive, happy and healthy as you can be. If you are, this means you are making proactive efforts to invest in maximising your overall sense of wellbeing.

The Oxford Dictionaries defines wellbeing as: “The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.”

Aked et al. (2008) defines wellbeing as comprising two main elements which are: “Feeling good and functioning well”.

It is unlikely you will achieve a perfect state of wellbeing in your life. In fact, trying to pursue unrealistic and/or unobtainable goals of perfection, with an all or nothing type attitude, can actually lead to you experiencing frustration, anger, dejection, unhappiness and unease.

It can be just as detrimental to be in a situation where you feel you are making no progress with your wellbeing, or it actually seems to be deteriorating.

Key to unlocking a sense of optimum balanced wellbeing in your life, where you are living to your own unique potential, will be making proactive efforts to invest in and maximise your psychological wellbeing.


Your psychological wellbeing can be thought of as your ability to feel positive and able to cope, your sense that you are functioning well and pursuing potential and fulfilment, and your feeling that your life is in balance.

It relates to the mental and emotional aspects of you and how well (or not), they are functioning for your benefit.

MANN uP aims is to act as your personal trainer for your mental and emotional ‘fitness’, and help you unlock and achieve your full potential in terms of your psychological wellbeing.


A vital element in achieving an advanced state of psychological wellbeing in your life will be getting the balance right as to where and how you direct and invest your energies across the various aspects of your life functioning.

There is and will be a strong correlation and connection between your psychological wellbeing and wellbeing in other parts of your life.

Your physical wellbeing can be thought of as your physical health, your levels of physical fitness, your diet and lifestyle, your use of substances and your physical appearance.

Your relational wellbeing can be thought of as the quantity and quality of the relationships you have with others in your life such as friends, partners, children, family, peers and colleagues.

Your vocational wellbeing can be thought of as your engaging in and/or pursing a course of study, training, apprenticeship or work that stimulates you, utilises your talent and potential, challenges you and fairly rewards you for your efforts.

Your recreational wellbeing can be thought of as your engaging in and/or pursuing either alone and/or with others in passions, hobbies, interests, pastimes and activities that entertain, stimulate and relax you and bring a sense of fun and joy into your life.


Unrest in any one aspect of your wellbeing can provoke unrest in the others. Conversely, strengthening wellbeing in any one area of your life can have a positive impact on the others too.

MANN uP services take a holistic approach to your wellbeing. Prioritising your investment in your mental and emotional ‘fitness’ (your psychological wellbeing), whilst encouraging and supporting you throughout your programme to make positive advances in all parts of your life.

Programmes are designed to give you scope to develop insight on what might be positively and negatively impacting on you in the various parts of your life, and how that relates into maintaining your mental and emotional ‘fitness’.

Knowledge is power. That insight can then be translated into wisdom on what does and does not work for you in terms of advancing your psychological wellbeing. and more generally wellbeing in the other aspects of your life.

That wisdom will be the key to making practical changes, and taking positive steps in your life to unlock your own personal potential to be the best version of you, living your best possible life. Empowering you to be the man you can be.


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