When taking on your personal counselling journey, every client is unique in terms of the areas you might like to work on, and the time you can and want to dedicate to the journey.

Some clients like to plan in advance for a 'fixed term' programme (i.e. deciding on a set number of sessions in advance to work on their issues), whereas others like to embark on the journey and see as they progress how many sessions they want/need.

Whichever approach you prefer, MANN uP will accommodate that and work with you in the way you wish to (either for a fixed period or on an open ended basis).

A key aspect of ‘success' in any personal counselling journey is finding someone you connect with, trust and feel you can collaborate with. For this reason, you are strongly encouraged to start your personal counselling journey by booking in for a no-obligation Introductory Session that lets you come along and find out if MANN uP's approach and services are right for you.

It is important to note that no client is under an obligation to MANN uP to attend a certain number of sessions, you are free to come for as many, or as few sessions as you want and need (see the Fees & Booking section for more information).

It will always be about designing and delivering a tailored programme that suits your individual needs. 

Intensive Personal Advancement Programme

Duration: 6 Sessions

Aim: To fast track your ability to unlock your own personal potential in order to give yourself the best possible life you can and be the man you can be.

There are times in everyone’s life when you can feel or begin to recognise that you may not be living your life to your own personal potential.

You may feel that you have not unlocked your optimum functioning potential yet in terms of your psychological, physical, relational, vocational or recreational wellbeing. Or your self-confidence (belief in your abilities), and self-esteem (belief in your worth), are not all they could be. Maybe a lack of holistic self-care and/or unhelpful habits are holding you back.

This programme aims to support you to robustly and thoroughly examine how your life is functioning at the moment, and identify how you would prefer it to be. It then supports you to devise and enact a tangible plan of action that will advance your life functioning and relationship with yourself forward in ways that are meaningful and impactful for you.

If offers all the merits of the fuller personal advancement programme, with the added benefit of being time and cost focused, with a clear emphasis on walking away with defined measures to enact to help bring about sustained positive change.

Content: The programme sessions are structed to take you on a focused journey from current state of wellbeing to the preferred state, then exploring what might be obstacles to unlocking your personal potential, finishing up with identifying and prioritising habits, practices and actions that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to help advance towards your preferred state. The sessions are structured as follows:

  • Sessions 1 and 2: Auditing your current wellbeing levels and self-concept, and your aspirations for each of these parts of your life.
  • Sessions 3 and 4: Identifying how your thinking patterns and behavioural habits can and will influence your wellbeing levels and self-concept.
  • Sessions 5 and 6: Brainstorming steps you could take to advance your wellbeing and self-concept, and then funnelling options down into a definitive personal advancement action plan.

Due to the intensive nature of this programme, clients will be expected to be proactive participants, and will be required to do work themselves between sessions.

Format: Your Intensive Personal Advancement Programme can be delivered in a face-to-face format at 2c Mount Merrion Avenue, Belfast, BT6 0FR, or online via Zoom.

*The 6 session model does not including a required Introductory Session and an optional post-programme check in session).

Personal Advancement Programme

Duration: Your Choice

Aim: You might be aware that your life and wellbeing is not quite how you would like it to be, but you are not clear on exactly what you should or would want to work on to advance your overall sense of wellbeing and contentment. This programme affords you the time and space to develop greater levels of self-insight on how your life is functioning at the moment, and how you would prefer it to be.

With the aim that this will guide you towards setting some personal advancement goals for yourself, and then being fully supported to take action to move your life to be more as you would like it to be.

The programme also provides opportunity for you to identify and add 'tools' to your psychological 'toolkit' to help advance your overall sense of mental and emotional strength, stamina and resilience.

Content: The programme will begin with giving you the time and and space to develop your own self-insight, by initially auditing and exploring aspects of your psychological, physical, relational, vocational and recreational wellbeing, to identify how thing are now in each of those parts of your life at the moment, and how you might like them to be.

Read more about how your psychological (mental and emotional) wellbeing can be connected to other parts of your life. 

You will also be encouraged to reflect and develop self-insight on how you currently view, treat and believe in yourself.

This naturally tends to lead to the identification and prioritisation of certain aspects of wellbeing and/or life functioning that you may want to focus on as your personal advancement goals.

Examples of personal advancement goals could include:

  • Advancing your emotional connectivity and management.
  • Advancing your self-confidence and self-belief.
  • Advancing your physical self-care and physical confidence.
  • Advancing the quality and quantity of your relationship connections.
  • Advancing your professional focus and drive.
  • Advancing the richness and diversity of ways to spend your free time.

Consideration is given to recognising and dealing with any 'barriers' (such as internalised negative narratives or unhelpful ways of thinking or behaving), that might be in play, and are getting in the way of you living life to your own personal potential.

Priority is also given to developing both your self-confidence and self-esteem. Believing in yourself, treating yourself well and prioritising your own needs, is the foundation for giving you the ability to unlock your own personal potential. You are in complete control of both the pace and overall duration of your Personal Advancement Programme.

Format: Your Personal Advancement Programme can be delivered in a face-to-face format at 2c Mount Merrion Avenue, Belfast, BT6 0FR, or online via Zoom.

Life Landmark Programme

Duration: Your Choice

Aim: It might be that you are struggling to come to terms with and gain peace with a past life landmark, or maybe you are grappling with one that is currently happening in your life, or one that is on the horizon.

The aim of the Life Landmark Programme is to offer you a nurturing environment of care and  support that can help you gain an insight and wisdom relating to the life landmark. that will help advance your sense of being resolved and/or able to cope with it.

Examples of past/present/future life landmarks to work on could include:

  • Past abuse, neglect, bullying or trauma.
  • Starting or ending a work/academic chapter.
  • Dealing with current workplace stress or bullying.
  • Dealing with a relationship issue such as infidelity.
  • Dealing with a relationship change such as getting married or separating.
  • Adjusting to a major change in your physical health.
  • Introducing your gender identity or sexuality to the wider world.
  • Becoming a parent, or parenting issues.
  • Processing grief associated to a bereavement.

Read more about Life Landmarks

Content: The structure of this programme is intentionally non-directive to provide the time and space to gently and progressively explore your chosen life landmark theme.

Past issues can often be complex and at times painful to revisit as you work to develop insight and wisdom on their impact on you, and consider how you want to act going forward as you integrate those experiences into your life narrative going forward.

With current or upcoming life landmarks, often the insight and wisdom only unfolds as the event or experience does. You are in complete control of both the pace and overall duration of your Life Landmark Programme.

Format: Your Life Landmark Programme can be delivered in a face-to-face format at 2c Mount Merrion Avenue, Belfast, BT6 0FR, or online via Zoom.

Mindfit Programme

Duration: Your Choice

Aim: Maybe you have not identified a particular wellbeing advancement goal or life landmark you wish to work, on but you would still like to make a proactive commitment to invest time, energy and resource into maintaining and developing your ongoing sense of mental and emotional strength, stamina and resilience. In other words, your level of mindfitness.

For everyone, life's regular ups and downs, and the pressures and demands they place on you, can put a strain on your psychological (mental and emotional) wellbeing.

These opportunities and challenges present you with the potential to advance your levels of personal insight and wisdom, to better guide your actions, yet how many of us take the time to stop, reflect and learn from these experiences?

The aim of the Mindfit Programme is to create for you, dedicated time, space, guidance and support in your life to do just that. It is an opportunity for you to prioritise and invest in your mental and emotional wellbeing, by having someone to talk over your life with as it unfolds.

How many of us invest in regular training to improve or maintain our physical fitness, yet neglect taking a similar opportunity to regularly invest in our mental and emotional 'fitness' too? Think of it like going to the 'psychological gym'.

Read more about being Mindfit

Content: The structure of this programme is intentionally non-directive to allow your midfit training to be customised to relate and respond to what is happening in your life at that time.

It might be sometimes there is a great deal going on in your life and you would benefit from increased levels of reflection and support to capitalise on the potential insight and wisdom to be gained from what you are experiencing to help you feel more prepared, resilient and in control. Whereas at others, you can engage in a slower pace of mindfit training to fit around your other commitments or priorities.

The programme will provide you with a safe, private and supportive space to come along, check in with yourself, and share how your life is going (the ups and downs), and self-reflect on how your mental and emotional 'fitness' is affected. You are in complete control of the pace and duration of your Mindfit Programme.

Format: Your Mindfit Programme can be delivered in a face-to-face format at 2c Mount Merrion Avenue, Belfast, BT6 0FR, or online via Zoom.

If you would like any more details on any of the programmes listed above or would like to discuss the possibility of an individually-tailored programme to suit your needs, please get in touch. (see the Contact section on this website for ways to connect).