MANN uP was founded as a male-affirmative counselling, mentoring and life coaching practice to deliver:

  • Personal advancement programmes.
  • Collective advancement programmes

MANN uP services are designed to support you to improve the state of your psychological wellbeing.

MANN uP believes that there is a strong connection and correlation between your psychological wellbeing and the state of your wellbeing in other parts of your life (your physical health and fitness levels, the quality of your relationships, your academic or professional performance, and the hobbies, interests and passions you pursue to give life a sense of enjoyment and fun).

Having high levels of psychological wellbeing empowers you to be in a better position to unlock your potential in all those areas of your life, and making advances in your physical, relational, vocational or recreational wellbeing has a positive impact on your psychological wellbeing too.

MANN uP’s intent is to:

  • Educate males on what can influence, inhibit and enhance their psychological wellbeing.
  • Motivate males to take proactive steps to invest in improving their psychological wellbeing.
  • Support and signpost males to ways and means to deal with challenges to their psychological wellbeing, and by doing so, helping them to unlock their full potential.
  • Campaign to raise awareness of male wellbeing issues, challenge narratives of masculinity that may inhibit psychological wellbeing, and promote positive male role models who self-define their own narrative of masculinity.

what does it mean to MANN uP?

In the Oxford Dictionary the phrase man up means to: “Be brave or tough enough to deal with an unpleasant situation."

This expression (nearly always, although not exclusively applied to males), is often interpreted to mean being stoic, contained and devoid of emotion (which is not good for anyone's psychological wellbeing).

When someone is told to 'man up' that phrase can cause them to feel psychologically inhibited.

MANN uP intends to reclaim and reframe this phrase and shape it into a more positive and empowering call to action that gives males (and females too if they wish), the right to take control of themselves and their life situation in a manner that promotes psychological connectedness and holistic wellbeing.

MANN uP's mission

MANN uP has a mission to devise and deliver innovative, effective, impactful and holistic products,  services and resources that are designed to empower others with the insight, wisdom, guidance and support they need to take action to unlock their true potential and define their own narrative in all aspects of their wellbeing.


MANN uP's vision

MANN uP has a vision of being seen as a respected authority in the promotion of a male-affirmative society. Making a meaningful contribution to informing, challenging and addressing the: psychological, physical, relational, vocational and recreational wellbeing issues that can impede those that identify as male (in terms of biological sex and/or gender identity), from personal or collective fulfilment. Whilst promoting to ALL the concepts of healing, positive self-esteem and advancement.


MANN uP's values

The core values which MANN uP operates by are:

Respect - for others, our colleagues and for oneself at all times and in all we do.

Equality - in how we treat others, in how we develop and deliver products and services and in how we promote and encourage the treatment of others.

Compassion - to those in need, to those who feel stuck, to those who are in the process of change and growth and to those who do not agree with us.

Positivity - in our belief about the potential of others to: not have to be defined by their past narrative, not have to be defined by internalised societal and/or cultural narratives, to change and improve their current situation and to develop the ability to master their own future narrative.

Collaboration - with those we offer products and services to and those we deliver holistic products and services with, to enable us to harness the enhanced value of that collective expertise.

Innovation - in how, when, where and who we deliver products and services to and the types of products and services we develop and deliver to enhance the wellbeing of our clients.


MANN uP's Name

MANN uP's name is a consciously chosen acronym designed to help challenge and reframe outdated narratives on the phrase 'man up'.

Here MANN uP means to: Master Affirmative New Narratives to unlock your Potential