sharing some wisdom

The sharing of insight, wisdom and experience on male wellbeing issues can be useful and empowering for individuals as they take on their own wellbeing advancement journeys.

Sharing some wisdom can:

  • Facilitate greater understanding of self, and life circumstances.
  • Prompt looking at, and considering issues from a new and more informed perspective.
  • Help guide planning and actions.
  • Educate on sources of help and support available.
  • Provide practical hints and tips that can make a meaningful difference.
  • Give confidence and motivation to take steps to advance wellbeing.

Most Recent Blog Posts

The posts in this section are designed to expand access to useful information, fresh perspectives, and support relative to the themes of:

  • General male wellbeing.
  • Psychological (mental and emotional) wellbeing.
  • Physical wellbeing.
  • Relational wellbeing.
  • Vocational wellbeing.
  • Recreational wellbeing.

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MANN uP Service Updates

MANN uP considers contributions from others who are interested in any area of male wellbeing and who would like to join with MANN uP to promote a male-affirmative society.

If you have a topic in mind for a blog you would like to volunteer to contribute (relative to one of the six blog category themes), get in touch via any of the means shown on the Contact page, and lets get the conversation started.

Please note: MANN uP reserves the right at all times to decide who it affiliates to and/or promotes via any of its communications channels.