Depression/Anxiety Mood Assessment Tool

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Do you think you might be experiencing symptoms of low mood and/or anxiety, have these symptoms been with you for a while now?

Why not consider completing the NHS online mood self-assessment quiz, (visit their MoodZone webpage) to answer a few quick questions for free and in confidence to get a clearer picture of your own mood state.

If you score ‘high’ on the quiz, please do not be too concerned, this is a review of your current state of wellbeing, with time and support you can tackle and reduce any symptoms of low mood/anxiety you are experiencing.

Completing the quiz will not only inform you, it can be a useful piece of information to take along to a counsellor and/or your GP. If you are consistently scoring ‘high’, please consider making an appointment to see your GP, things can change for the better, but you will need help and support.