No one individual or group can possess all the knowledge, insight and wisdom needed and available to advance wellbeing in all aspects of life.

Sometimes it is beneficial to call on others who have developed through their studies, work or lived experience, knowledge, insight and wisdom on a particular area of wellbeing to help others on their personal advancement journeys.

MANN uP wishes to develop a network of trusted partners that it can recommend for its programme clients and participants to tap into to access specialist guidance and support when taking action towards a specific wellbeing goal.

This could examples such as:

  • Trusted partners for psychological wellbeing: including the likes of hypnotherapists or mindfulness practitioners.
  • Trusted partners for physical wellbeing: including the likes of gyms, personal trainers, nutritionists, physiotherapists, addiction specialists or male grooming experts.
  • Trusted partners for relational wellbeing: including the likes of parenting and family experts, friendship groups and societies, sex therapists or couples counsellors.
  • Trusted partners for vocational wellbeing: including the likes of academic tutors, job coaches, business mentors or recruitment agencies.
  • Trusted partners for recreational wellbeing: including the likes of sports teams, hobby groups, creative pastime organisations or voluntary groups.

MANN uP will only promote and recommend trusted partners that are:

  • Attuned to and respectful of male affirmative practice (i.e. those who can be empathetic to particular challenges/barriers males can face relative to their wellbeing and are welcoming of male clients/customers/service users).
  • Attuned to and respectful of the concept of holistic wellbeing (i.e. success in one aspect of our psychological, physical, relational, vocational and personal wellbeing is intrinsically linked to levels of strength, stamina and resilience in others).


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Please note: MANN uP reserves the right at all times to decide who it affiliates to and/or promotes via any of its communications channels.