Throughout your own unique life journey to unlock your personal potential, you may have accumulated a particular piece of knowledge, insight, wisdom or life experience that has helped you maintain and advance your wellbeing, and that might be of interest and use to other males as they strive to improve their wellbeing.

It could be something that has helped/helps you to unlock your potential relating to your:

  • Psychological wellbeing (your mental and emotional health).
  • Physical wellbeing (your diet, exercise, lifestyle or substance use).
  • Relational wellbeing (your friendships, romantic and family relationships).
  • Vocational wellbeing (your meaningful pursuit of a path of study/employment).
  • Recreational wellbeing (hobbies, pastimes, passions and interests that enrich your life).

Or maybe you have through taking on the challenge of a Life Landmark that entered your life (such as navigating grief, battling illness, preparing for retirement, getting married or divorced), found a way to successfully navigate that life landmark that could help others face up to and thrive in a similar situation.

If so do you fancy becoming a MANN of the Month?

Here at MANN uP we would warmly welcome others joining up with us to promote male-affirmative messaging that can help guide and support other males to advance their wellbeing and live their lives to their full potential.

Would you be willing to let MANN uP share parts of your personal experience to help others learn and grow?


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(Depression & Autism)


(Helping Others Helps Me)


(Anger Management)


(Physical & Mental Fitness)


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