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Update: Please note the two free places on the pilot programme have now been filled. If you are still interested in taking part in a Joint Advancement Programme in 2024, please email: [email protected]

Is your relationship ready for a review? As a couple are you both clear on what each other wants from your relationship, and are you both getting it? Do you feel your relationship is not living up to its potential? If so you might benefit from some free couples counselling.

MANN uP will be expanding services in 2024 to include a new collaborative advancement programme designed to support couples to unlock the full potential in their relationship.

The programme will focus on taking an affirmative (supportive, hopeful and encouraging), approach to identifying what is going well, and what could be going better in your relationship, and then supporting both partners to define and agree a practical joint plan of action to take away and invest in, that will increase levels of relational wellbeing and satisfaction for both.

In order to refine the delivery model for this exciting new service offering, MANN uP is giving two couples the opportunity to participate in a pilot of this programme totally free of charge.

The two free programme spaces will be allocated on a first-come-first-selected basis. So if you and your partner would like to take advantage of this opportunity to review and improve your relationship with professional support, act quickly to express your interest.

The pilot programme will be running in Belfast during December 2023 and January 2024, so any interested coupled will need to be available to attend face-to-face sessions during this timeframe.

The programme is open to both heterosexual and LGBTQ+ couples.

Joint Advancement Programme

Aim: This programme is designed to give couples who are aware that their relationship is not quite how they both would like it to be, but who are not entirely clear on exactly what might need to advance in order to improve both partner’s relational wellbeing, time, space and confidential support to evaluate how things are, identify how they could be better, and come up with a plan to move forward in a way that unlocks the full potential of their relationship.

The programme focuses on creating an atmosphere of openness, collaboration and non-judgement, designed to encourage both partners to take a positive and proactive approach to making their relationship the very best it can be.

Content: The programme will begin with giving both partners time (alone and together), to start to identify and articulate with each other, areas in their relationship where there could be room for advancement, whilst also celebrating areas that are already highly successful.

This could include looking at areas such as: intimacy; communications; shared experiencing; domestic life; vocational support and future ambitions for the relationship.

Form there, a constructive/solution-focused approach is adopted, with the couple collaborating (with the support of a counsellor), to identify a practical plan of action to take away and enact, to advance their relationship towards its full potential.

This programme is not likely to be suitable for any couple dealing with a significant ‘threat’ to their relationship functionality such as infidelity, that type of relationship challenge is likely to need a more intensive and long-term support model.

Duration: The programme will consist of five sessions, each running for 1.5 hours.

Format: Your free Joint Advancement Programme will be delivered in a face-to-face format at Source Wellbeing, 330 Beersbridge Road, Belfast, BT5 5DY.

Your sessions will take place during a Saturday daytime (your choice of slot between 10.00am and 3.30pm).

The pilot programme will run during December 2023 and January 2024, so any couple selected to participate must be available to attend sessions during these months. Please be sure your partner is in agreement to attend before expressing your interest in the pilot programme.

Expression of Interest

Please use this form to express an interest in being one of the two couples selected by MANN uP to participate in a free pilot of the Joint Advancement Programme. Once received, you will be added to a list of all interested parties, and the two couples selected at random, will be notified by the end of November 2023.
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