Have you ever thought about your own personal brand?

We are all familiar with the concept of and the importance of organisations, products and services needing to invest in building a strong, distinctive and engaging brand identity to attract our attention and build our loyalty. Have you ever given any thought as to your own personal brand and whether it is delivering those same benefits to you in order to help you advance in your life?

Applying the business branding principles of knowing who you need to attract, engage with and impress to achieve success in your own life, and then designing and consistently portraying a brand identity in a way that achieves those goals can work just as well in terms of your own personal success.

Intentional or accidental, we all have a personal brand, and this will influence how others perceive and relate to us, and in terms our achievement. It might be that your personal brand is holding back your professional ambitions, or undermining your relational and romantic desires. Maybe it is causing others to misinterpret who you are and what your stand for, or it is not distinctive enough to help you stand out.

Laura Lake has written a great short article which introduces you to the concept and benefits of investing in developing your personal brand which might just get you thinking.

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